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Image of the front of the Old Tavern, present day

The Old Tavern

Early History

The Old Tavern is one of the oldest structures in the care of Historic Tuscaloosa. 

The Tavern was built in 1827 on Broad Street, now University Blvd., in downtown Tuscaloosa.  The State of Alabama had recently voted to move the Capital from Cahaba to Tuscaloosa and construction started on a permanent Capitol building for the State Government in 1826. The Old Tavern was built as an inn and gathering place and was ideally situated just down the road from the new Capitol building and on the same block as the stagecoach stop and livery stables for travelers. 

Inside the Old Tavern, main floor, with chairs and small tables set up for dining

The 1900's

During much of the 1900's, the Old Tavern was used as a private residence. It was the home of Taylor Robinson, a violinist, from 1900-1930. During the 1930's the Tavern was photographed and evaluated by the Historic American Building Survey. It may have had several other residents through the mid-1900's years. But by the 1960's the Tavern and her history were in danger.

Saving the Tavern

In 1966, the Old Tavern was in danger of being

demolished and forgotten. The Hugh Thomas Bridge over the Black Warrior River was being built and the Tavern's location put it right in the middle of the construction bustle. A group of Tuscaloosa citizens formed and raised funds and volunteers to move the Tavern from its location on University Blvd. to Capitol Park where now resides.  During the move and further construction of the Thomas Bridge, numerous artifacts where discovered at the Old Tavern original site and are now on display inside the tavern.  

Image of two beds upstairs at the Old Tavern

Visit the Tavern

The Tavern is available for touring every

Tuesday-Saturday at 1:30 pm. 

Group and school tours are also available by calling

Historic Tuscaloosa at 205-758-2238 or emailing us at

As of July 2022, The Old Tavern

will be closed for tours for restoration work! 


Love the look and feel of the Old Tavern?

You can also rent our space for private parties, meetings, and events!

Find out more at the link below. 

Main floor of the Old Tavern, set up with small tables and chairs

What They’re Saying About Us

Great review for the Old Tavern


Had a great afternoon adventure touring the Old Tavern and the Capitol Park next door with my mom and sister! The Old Tavern was full of historical tidbits and knock knacks. We learned a lot about Tuscaloosa’s early history and place in the Alabama political realm too.

Great review for the Old Tavern
Great review for the Old Tavern


Great place to see how things were in Tuscaloosa in the 1800's and what it was like when Tuscaloosa was the state capital. 

Great review for the Old Tavern
Great review for the Old Tavern


My wife took me to The Old Tavern Museum as she knows I love history. The museum has a great tour guide and it is laid back when you visit.  I'd definitely recommend visiting if you're in Tuscaloosa, or interested in Alabama or southern history.

Great review for the Old Tavern

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Look around the inside and outside of the Old Tavern with our interactive tool below. You can read stories, see pictures and different views of the building, and learn interesting facts about its history.

If you're looking for more information on the Tavern,

make sure to click the "Tour Virtually" link above.

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