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2023 – 2024

President:  Shawn Wyatt

Vice-President / President-Elect:  Evans Fitts

Secretary:  Susan Huffman


Treasurer:  James Brazil

Parliamentarian:  Cal Wilson

Past President:  Pam Marshall

2023 – 2024

Marc Brakefield

Glenna Brown

Chaslee Coleman

Donna Cowan

Gabrielle Cruz-Uribe

Linda Ford

Serena Fortenberry

Claire Friday

Courtney Gora

Marty Hamner

Brock Jones

Sherry Jones

Amy Matthews

Yolanda Page

Sarah Palmer

Frances Pool

Judi Rabel

Luther Richardson III

Ruby Simon

Angie Sterling

Elizabeth Wyatt


  • Regular Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month except July and December. Depending on the year, the March board meeting gets moved to the 4th Thursday due to spring break.  The meetings begin at 5:30 pm and are routinely held at the Jemison Mansion.


  • The annual meeting, to which all members of Historic Tuscaloosa (HT) are invited, is held in August.


  • Members serve three-year terms and may serve two such consecutive terms.  Following a one-year rotation off the Board, an individual may be eligible again for election.


  • There is no automatic renewal after a three-year term.


Members of the Board are expected to:

  • Hold membership in Historic Tuscaloosa at the Century Club level or above.


  • Attend 70% of monthly meetings:​

“A Board member with three (3) unexcused absences from regularly called meetings of the Board during a twelve-month period shall cease to be a member of the Board.”(Bylaws, Article VII, Section 7.01., C)


  • Attend the annual general membership meeting in August.


  • Actively participate on a Board committee.


  • Support all Historic Tuscaloosa events financially and through attendance.

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