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The Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild is a group of young women, enrolled in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades of high schools located in Tuscaloosa County, or whose parents reside in Tuscaloosa County. They learn about history throughout West Alabama and our state, contribute to their community by completing service projects and sponsoring fund-raising events to meet Historic Tuscaloosa needs. On average each class (of which there are 50 young women) has served over 1,500 service hours during their membership. In addition, the members serve as representatives at Historic Tuscaloosa events and experience working together as a group in order to accomplish specific goals. Members of the Cameo Guild are considered members of Historic Tuscaloosa.

The Cameo Guild’s fundraising events consist of an annual Easter Egg Hunt planned by the junior class and a fall Heritage 5K and Fun Run/Walk planned by the senior class. Each year the Cameo Guild, through these fundraising efforts, maintains a scholarship fund and makes a generous gift to Historic Tuscaloosa using the remaining proceeds.  These gifts make the Historic Tuscaloosa properties more appealing to the public, which in turn brings in revenue that helps maintain these wonderful structures.    

After completing two years of service, these young women are presented at a special event in December where scholarships and awards of excellence are given to those whose service has been exemplary.

About Us


  • Educate future preservationists through monthly Cameo Guild meetings focused on history, preservation, and etiquette. 

  • Teach philanthropic and charitable practices through community service hours and class projects.

  • Support Historic Tuscaloosa's mission of local preservation through fundraising events.

  • Strive to embody the attributes of a well-rounded individual by practicing kindness, thoughtfulness, and self-confidence.


Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild members are chosen each year through an application and interviewing process. Applications, accompanied with required recommendations, are accepted in the spring followed by interviews during the summer.

Cameo Guild applicants must be entering their sophomore or junior year of high school and be able to fulfill all of the requirements for membership. For more information, please contact a Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild Director by calling 205-758-2238.


For Selection as a Cameo Guild Member

Applications are accepted March 29th through May 30th


1. The applicant must be a young woman entering the 10th or 11th grade in the fall of 2024, enrolled in an accredited school, and whose parent(s)/guardian(s) reside in the Tuscaloosa County area. If home-schooled, the applicant must provide proof of accreditation.

2. The applicant must have a 3.0 or higher GPA.  A copy of her official transcript must be submitted — complete through the end of the current school year.  If GPA is under a 3.0, please provide a written explanation and documentation regarding why, if available.

3. Dues of $300.00 must be paid by October 1st of each year.  These dues include a complimentary Century Club membership for the parent(s)/guardian(s) in Historic Tuscaloosa (formerly the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society).

4. The applicant must complete an interview with the Cameo Guild Director(s) and current year’s officers.

5. The applicant must provide three letters of recommendation, one letter from each of the following: academic record (from School Principal or Guidance Counselor), extra-curricular activities (from Club Sponsors or Coaches), and civic involvement (from Pastor, Youth Leader, Civic Club Sponsor, etc.).


6. Once accepted into the Cameo Guild, the Cameo must provide at least one approved formal dress that represents one of four designated eras* within 1820-1925. Ensemble must include all accessories, shoes, gloves, etc. She must also provide black/white attire for less formal occasions that includes black dress pants or skirt and white blouse/top.

7. The applicant must be willing to fulfill the following:

A. Attend an information meeting in August 2024. Date/time/location TBA.

B. Attend monthly general membership meetings** during each school year .

C. Complete service hours coordinated by the Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild. Sophomores and Juniors are expected to earn  
     a minimum of 15 credits each year, and Seniors are expected to earn a minimum of 10 credits throughout each year.

D. Serve as a hostess for Historic Tuscaloosa events (often in time-period dress).

E. Participate in the class project each year. Participation is mandatory.

F. Commit to two-and-a-half years in the Cameo Guild.

* The four designated eras are: Late Regency Period, Romantic Period, Victorian Period, Flapper Period

**There are nine meetings, one of which is the information meeting at the beginning of each year. Three absences are allowed but must have written excuses.

Annual Events



Heritage 5K Run

The annual Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild 5K Fun Run/Walk is a fun-for-all-ages family event hosted every fall. Benefits from the run primarily go towards the Cameo Guild Scholarship Fund with additional proceeds going toward a project voted on by the senior class members for the Battle-Friedman House and Gardens.

23 Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild Easter Egg Hunt 2023.jpg

Easter Egg Hunt

This family-friendly party is hosted each spring at the historic Battle-Friedman House and Gardens. It includes games, a petting zoo, refreshments, a raffle, a visit with the Easter Bunny, and the main attraction, the Easter egg hunt. With more than 2,000 eggs this year there were plenty for each participating child.


Formal Dinner

The Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild’s Formal Dinner is held each year in honor of the senior class members. It is an opportunity for members and their dates to practice the elements of formal dining etiquette that have been covered throughout the year.



Lili B.

Cameo Guild was a great way for me to give back to our community. From our 5K to our Easter Egg Hunt and other projects, it allowed me to further develop my leadership skills as an officer. I was able to make friends with girls from other schools who I never would have had an opportunity to meet. I am thankful for my time in the Cameo Guild and serving Historic Tuscaloosa. 


Shelby B.

I could not have asked for a more amazing organization to be a member of during my junior and senior year of high school. Being part of a group that is dedicated to giving back was an experience that showed me just how important it is to serve the community around us. I am so grateful I was able to have this experience and the memories I made will stay with me forever!



Suzanna M. 

Being a member of the Tuscaloosa Belles (now known as "Cameo Guild") was easily one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences throughout my time in high school! Not only did I get a hands-on approach to being educated on the history of my hometown and the beautiful historical homes it hosts, but it was also an opportunity to make genuine connections with some outstanding girls throughout our community. I acquired a great deal of knowledge and leadership experience, while also being able to give back to my community via the Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society. My experience as a Tuscaloosa Belle and the relationships I gained through this organization are something I hold dear to my heart and will cherish forever.


McKenzie C.

The Tuscaloosa Cameo Guild allowed me to grow in my knowledge of our town and the structures that tell that history. I was able to gain qualities such as learning to better communicate with my peers and elders, how to plan fund raisers, and how to work together with other people to reach a common goal. These have helped me succeed in college and graduate school and will continue to help me succeed in the future. It allowed me to see the importance of preserving the history of our town and learn more about where I am living and how I can help my community. I would be a part of this organization a million times over! 


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