The purpose of the Society shall be to develop an awareness and appreciation of the historical and cultural heritage of Tuscaloosa County

Its objectives are as follows:

To seek to educate all citizens of the county about its heritage;


To collect, organize, and catalog information and materials related to local heritage;


To encourage and participate in the identification and preservation of old homes, buildings, and historic sites throughout Tuscaloosa County and to promote the use and appreciation of these assets;


To encourage tourism by arranging and organizing tours and pilgrimages;


To involve local governments, educational institutions, and other organizations in specific projects promoting the purpose of the Society.

What it means being a 


of Historic Tuscaloosa

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Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in historical preservation.  A person who is current in payment of membership dues established by the Society is a voting member.  Honorary membership is a title that may be conferred upon any person, with the approval of the Board of Directors, who should receive special recognition for valued service in the preservation of Tuscaloosa County’s heritage.  Honorary membership is non-voting.

Historic Tuscaloosa Regular Activities / Events

Lecture Series – A series of monthly lectures are offered to the public during the summer.  Topics address people, places, and events of local historical interest.

Holiday Open Houses – Historic Tuscaloosa structures are decorated by local garden clubs and will be open to the public on a selected Sunday in early December each year.

Rambles – The Historic Tuscaloosa “Rambles” by bus to a nearby city each spring to tour historical homes and other structures.  Families and experts are available to share background and details.  The 2022 Ramble was to Columbus, MS, and other recent trips have been to such locations as Camden, Huntsville, Selma, Marion, and Greensboro.  An overnight Ramble is under way for Spring 2023.

Century Club Party – In the spring of each year, a special event is planned to honor members of the Century Club.

Cameo Guild of Tuscaloosa – The Cameo Guild’s are a group of young women, high school juniors and seniors, who participate as hostesses at events, contribute to their community by sponsoring fund-raising and other events, and learn about the history of the Tuscaloosa community.  Each year they make a gift to Historic Tuscaloosa; the 2017 gift was gold chairs to be used at events at the Jemison Mansion, and the 2018 gift will be the renovation of an upstairs room at the Battle-Friedman Home.  They sponsor an annual Easter Egg Hunt and fall 5K heritage Costume Run and are presented at a special event in the Spring.  In addition to their many other contributions, Cameo dues are a source of income for Historic Tuscaloosa.

Structures – The Old Tavern, the Battle-Friedman House, and the Jemison Mansion are open daily for tours.  The Murphy-Collins House is open daily, Tuesday-Friday, and tours can be arranged by appointment.



Historic Tuscaloosa Structures